You're doing it wrong: driving

If you drive a car, stop whatever you're doing because you're probably doing it wrong!

Posted by The Project NZ on Monday, 27 November 2017

How Much Does Back & Shoulder Injury Cost Your Company Each Year? Do you want a solution?

Professional prevention training

Staff injury costs through lost productivity, rehabilitation and staff replacement can be reduced through best practice, train your staff correct techniques and reap the benefits

MoveSmart Program

For the reduction of staff injuries and the associated costs

MoveSmart is an innovative educational workshop and training system that teaches people about the way their body works, how and why it gets injured and how to avoid pain. Most of our aches and pains such as neck and shoulder pain, low back pain etc. are caused or aggravated by the small things we do wrong on an everyday basis.

Of course people can fall over or have a car accident which hurts but the vast majority of the aches and pains that take us of work are due to misuse. MoveSmart teaches us about how to recognise the things we do wrong and gives easy ways to change bad habits. These changes produce long term relief of our physical pain and we can even teach other people how to do things correctly.

The ‘MoveSmart’ program will dramatically reduce your sprain and strain injury statistics in your work place. When your employees have an understanding that it is their habits and actions that often leads to these injuries, they are able when given better options, to choose not to use harmful movements.

MoveSmart Physiotherapy Titirangi
  • Mark delivered the training well and engaged our staff – we did have a reduction in Musculo-Skeletal injuries across our business that correlated directly to the training that Mark under took for us. We were very pleased with the results’  

    Jacky Hyslop Fonterra Brands NZ Ltd, Health and Safety Advisor
  • ‘We face the start of another year, and we are better equipped to deal with the strains of production with your practical advice and demonstrations on how to “Move Smart”. The course was so effective, we have incorporated your moves into our shift hand-over meetings, and we have appointed “Move Smart Champions” to take the staff through the correct moving techniques.   We have changed our behaviours here and it has paid off with a reduction in strain related injuries. We have also put up the posters around our site to remind staff of the useful techniques you demonstrated, and to use them daily. Thanks again for the course and it would be a huge benefit to any organisation facing strain injury issues. I am very happy to talk to others about the usefulness of your training material, and the professional manner in which it is conducted.’

    David Hulley Sanitarium, Production Manager
  • Thank you again for the time spent delivering safe movement to our recruits. What we have noticed is an apparent reduction of skeletal and muscular injuries attributed to lifting and movement in the last two years. By them warming up each morning and using their bodies as shown by yourself, the amount of time lost due to skeletal and muscular injury is now minimal.

    Mike Thomson Senior Trainer, Recruit Training
  • The ‘Move Smart’ session hosted by Mark has been a great success for me and my colleagues.  There has been nothing but great feedback from all participants who attend and who are already making changes in everyday body movements and reaping the benefits! …

    I particularly appreciated the way in which, with multiple demonstrations and class involvement, Mark builds on concepts and actions to create a final message that has instant application.  My knowledge of how we move, the consequences of not moving correctly and the tiny changes we could make that could make huge improvements in the long run, has been hugely broadened….  Mark's delivery is energetic and knowledgeable and comes with personal opinions that challenge everyday thinking, making it super interesting!

    Highly recommended to all!

    Bernadette Engle Learning and Development Administrator, Unitec